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9 Kingswood Blackrock Rd. Dundalk IE

Performance Coaching for Individuals & Teams

Focus 2 Succeed

Get YOUR world in focus & design Your future.

Upcoming Events

"New Year, New You" Workshop -"How to Choose & Plan the Future You Want".

Where: Lisdoo Arms, Newry Rd., Dundalk.

When: 9.30am - 1.00pm on Sat 20th February 2016.

Our Mindset is the biggest influence around our successes, and our failures. Just think about that for a moment ......... is it true for you? 

Regardless of your challenge, be it at work, in business, your relationships, in sport, wanting to loose weight, give up smoking, improve your physical, mental or emotional health, you'll agree that your Mindset plays a huge part. When your head is in a good place, you can achieve. When it is full of doubts and negative self talk, you can give up on your goals and then justify it.

Ever wonder why this happens? Why you sometimes struggle to get things done, or even started? Have you something you'd like to achieve or a hurdle you'd like to jump? Or maybe you are simply interested in the psychology of human behaviour? Well this "Workshop" is for you. It'll help you understand how we can best prepare ourselves mentally to make things happen, and thereby improve our performance in any chosen area of our lives.

If we spend a little time clarifying what we want, why we want it and creating the correct Mindset around it, everything else will fall into place. Understanding human tendencies, identifying our own particular disposition and finding some techniques that will enable us to overcome them, is what this morning is all about. 

Learn about how, with some personal awareness, we can proactively develop a mindset that will enable us to perform better in all kinds of situations. Develop a mental strength and a positive way of viewing the world. How you can get YOUR world in focus and design the future you would like to have. 

Learn how creating an honest, exciting, believable and achievable Vision provides motivation. Designing a plan into bite size pieces with checkpoints along the way. This in turn allow us to experience the momentum of success that helps with resilience, and makes the journey as enjoyable as our ultimate destination.

So come along and bring a friend. This could be the first day of the rest of your life ;-)

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F2S New Year, New You Seminar