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9 Kingswood Blackrock Rd. Dundalk IE

Performance Coaching for Individuals & Teams

Focus 2 Succeed

Get YOUR world in focus & design Your future.

The Aims:

  • Develop a Learning Environment.
  • Know the Power of Self-Efficacy.
  • Create & Stay Self-Motivated.
  • Know who YOU are.
  • Know who YOU want to be.
  • Map out the steps to get you there.

The Objectives:

  • Understand how Humans tick.
  • Understand how you tick.
  • Know what you Value.
  • Design YOUR Future & know why you want it.
  • Create the BELIEFS that will get you there.
  • Learn key "Goal Getting Techniques".

A Typical Programme Outline:

  • What is Coaching & the Programme Intro.
  • Paradigms & Paradigm Shifts.
  • Learning Styles.
  • The Cycle of Development.
  • Duel Core Processing of the mind.
  • The Conscious & Sub-Conscious mind.
  • How the mind s programmed.
  • Why are BELIEFS important.
  • Focus & Scotoma effects of the mind.
  • How to enable a Positive Mind-set.
  • Negative Self-Limiting Beliefs.
  • Positive Empowering Beliefs .
  • Visualisations & N.L.P.
  • Values & how they effect Performance.
  • Motivational Goals.
  • Creating the Draw.
  • Describe in detail the "Future You".
  • T-Grow Inquiry.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting.
  • T.E.F.C.A.S. Reviewing
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.