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Using Training Diaries For Peak Performance

What happened out there? You thought you were ready. You thought your training went well last week. You thought your pre-competition routine was the same as always. Now you’re wondering why you hit the wall early and just had an off day.
Consistently performing at a high level depends on creating the right combination and pattern of training that yields the best outcome. Even a small change to that ideal routine can result in a poor performance. Finding that wrong turn requires retracing your steps through your recent training sessions.

The Duel Core Processing Systems of the Mind.

Like Computers, our minds have a duel processing system when it comes to how we operate. These are, what I like to call, the Intuitive Self and the Considered Self, and both operate in tandem to help us through life. 

The Intuitive Mind operates predominately at the Subconscious  Level. It's the system that's constaintly running behind the scenes. It allows us to process and action lots of tasks without us having to "Figure it Out". Things like -"Scratching an itch, Rising from a chair, Turning towards a load noise in a resturant, riding a bike etc.

My Plan's Not Working?

A lady who had been full of enthusism and had been progressing really well asked me this question last week -"Why is it not working. I know what I need to do, I'm motivated to achieve my end goal, but I don't seem to be making any progress .... Heeellp!!!!".

The most important thing here, to correct the situation, was knowing that it wasn't working. This was already progress as previously it would have taken till the end of her plans for her to notice that she was unlikely to achieve her goal.