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Your Team Culture: By Design Or Default.
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Your Team Culture: By Design Or Default.

So it's that time of year again. New year, new start. It's an opportunity to make things better. To do better than last year, and correct the mistakes of the past. You have new plans, systems and processes that will make your team the best they've ever been. If you can get the people involved to get their attitude right and apply themselves, that is.
So as is always the case, you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. All of the great ground work and education you have put in to date, relies on the teams mind-set.


“People LOVE what we do, because I’m rewarding them as I see fit, I’m their leader and I told them so!”
I know, that’s ridicules ….. Nobody thinks like that ….. Right?
Well? …. Check it. Go into your past experience and put it to the test. You, Your Team Members, Your Family or Your Friends, have never worked for someone, or an organisation, that thought like this? 

Unfortunately it’s more often the Rule, rather than the Exception. Leaders tell them how great it will be to have attained the “Predetermined Goal” without knowing if it meets their needs.

A Team's Under Performance

Be it in Sports, Business or any other team environment, under performance is a common hurdle. But how should you handle it and what are some common mistakes?

The first thing to remember is that, if you keep doing the same actions, you're likely to get the same results. It's not good enough to demand that everyone works harder. To work harder, doing the wrong thing, will not improve your performance.  

Everyone needs to understand that team has interdependence at its core. This means that all individuals will need to perform well to enable the team to succeed.

Change Management

Often Difficult & Never Easy, but Always an Opportunity.

Change within any organisation is a time of raised emotions. Often the Management Team who are responsible for implementation choose to ignore this in an attempt to put forward the cold business rational behind the decision. Is this the best way to handle this situation for all concerned? Lets consider both perspectives?

As an example, we'll take a situation where a large Life Insurance Company requires a number of redundancies, will close a number of local offices and require some of the remaining staff to change rolls within the business.

What Leaders need to know.

What's the key to improving team performance for a Leader?

The first thing acknowledge is that you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it. You know "that feeling" (or is it "that failing"?). 

Common Mistake:
The common mistake made is that Leaders feel that they need to be "Driving" the team to better performance. Demanding higher levels of effort, which in turn will deliver results. Now even reading these two sentences is causing doubt in the mind of the good leader.