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Good Habits

The Importnce of Reflection

Self-Reflection Helps Athletes AdvanceBy Michael Cerreto, MS, CSC, LDR, Edu-K

An athlete’s ability to reflect on his or her experiences and make adjustments to improve is a key factor in advancing to elite levels in a sport. According to Laura Jonker, Ph.D., “Reflection is considered a key factor in expert learning and refers to the extent to which individuals are able to appraise what they have learned and to integrate these experiences into future actions, thereby maximizing performance improvements.

Seek 1st to Understand and then to be Understood:

When we find ourselves holding a different point of view most of us have a tendency to concentrate on how to have our side heard and how we will persuade others. Is there a better way?

While the other person is telling us why their's is the best route, we are often formulating our points and getting ready the counter argument. As a result we don't often hear their points. This is known as "level 2 listening".

If you listen intently first, ask questions and reframe their points back to them to show them that you understand their points, it will have 2 major advantages.