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Waiting for Motivation?

Often we can feel that we are in a slump and long for the time when we will be as motivated as "Joe Bloggs". We know we would do as well, or even better, than the people who are currently living the life we desire. The main reason that they have it and we don't, is ......... right place at the right time / lucky break / know somebody / got the opportunity  ...... etc, etc, etc!!!

OK, so maybe some of this played a little part in a few rear cases, but the main difference between them and us is that they were:
1 Motivated to "Go For It". 
2 Believed they would "Achieve".
If you could crack these two things, the future you desire, is within your grasp.

The secret to motivation is to dream. Not just at night either. You should allow yourself to daydream about the future. See your future exactly as you would design it. Know it in detail. Know how it would look, what you would hear, how you would feel etc. Once you allow yourself to MENTALLY LIVE the experience, it will boost your motivation to make it happen. This has to be the starting point.

Once you have "Created the Motivation" you will need to put in place a plan. Once it's a believable plan, you will keep going until it's achieved or ...... you no longer believe it is achievable. You then have 2 choices, make a new believable plan or change your planned destination  ;-)

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