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The Duel Core Processing Systems of the Mind.

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 5:56 PM
Like Computers, our minds have a duel processing system when it comes to how we operate. These are, what I like to call, the Intuitive Self and the Considered Self, and both operate in tandem to help us through life. 

The Intuitive Mind operates predominately at the Subconscious  Level. It's the system that's constaintly running behind the scenes. It allows us to process and action lots of tasks without us having to "Figure it Out". Things like -"Scratching an itch, Rising from a chair, Turning towards a load noise in a resturant, riding a bike etc." From instinctive "fight or flight" type processes that were with us from birth to "learned processes" that we aquired over the years.The Intuitive system operates automatically and quickly with little or no effort.

The Considered Mind operates at the Conscious Level. We engage it when we are looking to check things or process difficult tasks. It allows us to consider options and come up with solutions. It focuses our mental attention on mental activities that demand it. 

Our Intuitive Self is gathering all the information around us but it's the Considered Self that provides the filter that selects the information that it considers to be relevent. For instance, when you enter a packed room and you are looking for your friend. You see everybody and everything in the room but your Considered Mind is scanning for associated imagery (eg Hair, Glasses, Jumper etc).

A key difference of Top Performers is their ability to use the Considered Mind to make the required changes to the Intuitive Mind. They realise that not everything they believe is always the truth, and because they know this, their Considered Mind is more alert to challenge their Intuitive side. This allows them to be more "Aware". They are also more used to challenging the way they have done things in the past and will consider, and try, new ways ..................... Are YOU!!!

Categories: Mindfulness

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